Lecturer in Charge                    :           Dr. L.I.N. De Silva


Technical Officer in Charge      :         Mr. K.R. Pitipanaarachchi





Classification Tests


Cassagrande Apparatus

To determine the Liquid Limit and Plastic Limit

Sieve Set

To perform Particle Size Analysis


To perform Hydrometer Analysis

Specific Gravity Bottle Test

To determine the Specific Gravity

Vibrating Table

To determine the Relative Density

Strength Tests


Triaxial Testing Apparatus

(with or without electronic data acquisition)

To perform Unconsolidated UndrainedTriaxial Test

To perform Consolidation Drained Triaxial Test

To perform Consolidated UndrainedTriaxial Test

With Pore Water –pressure Measurement

Unconfined Compression Test

To perform Unconfined Compression Test


Direct - Shear Test

To conduct Direct Shear Tests on soils

(with or without electronic data


Compressibility and Permeability


Consolidation Test Apparatus

To perform One Dimensional Consolidation Test

To determine the Swelling Index

Rowe Cell

To measure both settlement and pore water pressure

during consolidation


To perform Falling Head Permeability Test

Falling Head Apparatus


Constant Head Apparatus

To perform Constant Head Permeability Test

Compaction Test


Proctor Compaction Apparatus

To perform Proctor Compaction Test

CBR Laboratory Test Apparatus

To perform CBR lest Under Soaked or Unsoaked


In-situ tests


Core Cutter Apparatus

To determine the In-situ Density

Sand Cone Apparatus

To determine the In-situ Density

Vane Shear Apparatus

To perform Vane Shear Test

Field CBR Test Apparatus

To perform Field CBR Test

Cone Penetrometer

To perform Cone Penetration Test

Plate Loading Test Apparatus

To perform Plate Loading Test to assess bearing

Capacity of Soils