Lecturer in Charge                  :           Prof. W. K. Mampearachchi


Technical Officer in Charge    :           Mr. T. P. D. G. Indika Yohan




Vehicle Bump Indicator

To determine the road roughness using a vehicle - mounted indicator

Marshall Tester

To design asphalt concrete mixes ASTM D 1559:89

Dynamic Cone Penetrometer (Field CBR)

To determine rapid in-situ measurements of the structural

properties of road pavements.Penetrometerconstructed with

unbound materials, TRL (Transportation Research Laboratory)

Road Note 31:1993

Sand Equivalent Test

For determining the theoretical maximum specific gravity of

uncompacted bituminouspaving mixtures & the percent air voids

in compactedbituminous mixtures and the amountof bitumen absorbed

by aggregates.

Softening Point Apparatus

To determine the softening point of asphalt ASTM D36:76

Rice Test Apparatus

Density measurement of asphaltic mixtures

Flash Point Tester

To determine the point of the bituminous binder

Saybolt Viscosity Set

For measuring the Saybolt viscosity of bituminous emulsion

ASTM D 244-89

Penetration Set

The penetration of bituminous binder ASTM DS: 86

Aggregate Impact Value (AIV) Test Equipment

To determine the toughness of aggregates

Solubility Set

To determine the purity of asphalt cement.

Ductility Set

To measure ductility on a representative portion of

Bitumen  = ASTM DI 13: 86

Residue by Distillation Set

Quantitative determination of residue and oil distillate in

asphalt emulsionASTM D 244:89

Asphalt Binder Analyser

To estimate the bitumen content of Asphalt

Rotary evaporator

To recover asphalt from a solvent

Thin film oven

To determine the effects of heat and air on a film of semisolid

asphaltic material

Kinematic Viscometer

To determine the Kinematic Viscosity of liquid asphalt (bitumen),

road oils anddistilledresidues of liquid asphalts at 600 C and for

asphalt cement at 1350 C

Centrifugal Extractor

To determine bitumen in hot mixed paving mixtures and pavement