Lecturer in Charge                    :           Dr. M.Jayaweera


Technical Officer in Charge      :           Mrs. N.S. Gunathilake


Analytical Chemist                   :           Mr. Kasun Zoysa




Testing Facilities

Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer

To determine the content of Heavy Metals

UV VIS Spectrophotometer

To determine the Total Phosphorus, Total Nitrogen, Total Iron,

Chlorophyll,Analysis of Kinetics of chemical reaction

Flame Photometer

To determine the content of Potassium, Sodium, Lithium


To determine the content of Nitrates, Nitrites, Hardness, Ammonia,

Sulfates, Fluorides

Turbidity Meter

To measure Turbidity

Hand-held water quality Meter

To measure in-situ field parameters eg. pH, Conductivity, TDS, DO,


Conductivity Meter

To measure Conductivity

pH Meter

To measure pH

Titration Equipment

To measure Alkalinity, Dissolved Oxygen

Muffle Furnace

To determine the content of Volatile Suspended Solids, Sulfates


To produce deionised water for reagent preparation

Distilled Water Plant

To produce distilled water for reagent preparation

Fume Hood

To conduct extraction/ distillation under safe environment

Millipore Kit/ Glassware/ Incubator 

Microbiological Examinations: Total and Faecal Coliforms

Filtration Equipment

To determine Total Suspended Solids

Cooled Incubator 

To determine Biochemical Oxygen Demand

Kjeldhal Apparatus  

To determine Chemical Oxygen Demand

Gas chromatograph

To determine concentration of volatile organic substances for

extractionorganic substances from soil and other media.