Lecturer in Charge               :           Dr. C. S. Lewangamage

Technical Officer in Charge    :           Ms. P. A. I. D. Perera




Universal Testing Machine

To determine the tensile strength of steel

Compressive strength and flexural strength of concrete.

Versa Tester

To perform Tensile test and compression test

Heat of Hydration Calorimeter

To determine the heat of hydration of cement

Blaine fineness apparatus

To determine the fineness of cement

Vicat Apparatus

To determine the setting time of  cement

Le Chatelier Apparatus

To determine the soundness of cement

Aggregate crushing value test apparatus

To determine the mechanical properties of coarse aggregate

10% Fines value test apparatus

Aggregate Impact test apparatus

Test sieves (BS  & ASTM)

To determine  the particle size distribution of coarse and fine


Air Entrainment Meter

To determine the air content in fresh concrete

Slump cone/Compacting Factor Apparatus

To determine the workability of fresh concrete

V-B Consistometer

Setting time of Concrete test apparatus

To determine the initial and final setting time of concrete in

accordancewith ASTM specifications

Humidity cabinet/ Length comparator

To determine shrinkage of concrete, mortar and cement paste

undercontrolledhumidity and temperature conditions.

Concrete Core cutting m/c

To extract concrete cores of dia. 2” – 4”